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Application Development

With offices in both the U.S. and India and MayuraTech’s global delivery model, companies are banking on IT vendors like MayuraTech for their software development requirements to stay ahead of competition. MayuraTech provides clients the confidence to get any project completed so that they can focus on their core activities thereby bringing down costs and increasing growth.

Our Application development services are focused at providing end-to-end software solutions on competitive terms. We start with a thorough evaluation our client’s requirements which are then broken down into measurable tasks and an action plan is charted. Industry standard guidelines and methodologies are followed to ensure that the project is successfully realized and the cleint is fully satisfied with the value being offered.

MayuraTech has put in a good amount of work in the field of Web application development, implementation and deployment for our US based clients. Whether our clients need is for a technically adept software development staff or an individual IT expert to fill a short-term gap or to ramp up quickly for a long-term project, MayuraTech’s provides the software development consulting solutions by quickly matching our clients unique IT need with the best possible candidates.

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Mobile App Development and Cloud Computing

Our clients expect innovative‚ out-of-the-box mobile applications that provide top-notch user experiences to specifically meet their precise requirements.

Their consumers demand feature-rich solutions that include technologies such as video, location awareness and mapping, data capture, real–time notifications, near field communication (NFC), data synchronization across a range of platforms in addition to diversity of devices and OS versions which quickly becomes a challenge.

We provide:

  • Anytime-Anywhere mobility solutions
  • User experience design for the next-generation of mobile applications
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Test automation
  • Architecture and customization
  • Evaluation and support

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Application Maintenance and Re-engineering

Our Application Maintenance services is not limited to managing and optimizing overgrown applications. We take a consultative approach to gain a holistic view of the technology, architecture, people, and services. We first understand our clients' requirements, business domain, vision and technology roadmap, existing processes and applications. We then optimize and align our teams to deliver improved application support. With minimum downtime, applications stay optimally engaged to provide rapid turnaround to key change requests from business.

The essence of software re-engineering is to transform, improve or scale existing software so that it can be easily understandable, controlled, and reused. The need for re-engineering software has increased greatly, as legacy software systems have become obsolete in terms of their capacity, design, scale-ability and their suitability and stability to support evolution to support changing needs.

Our Re-engineering services include:

  • Identify, understand and perform as-is analyze of all source applications
  • Reverse engineering to create use case for target application
  • Forward engineering in most advanced technology

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Quality Assurance and Testing

The increasing technological complexity of software, crunched product development lifecycles, innovative product offerings, compliance requirements and reliability issues has caused Quality Assurance and Test Automation to become a mandatory requirement for building High quality Business applications.

Commercial functional testing tools support Capture & playback capabilities, but automated functional tests created using this feature alone results in test suites that requires frequent maintenance efforts. This can have a negative effect on the bottom-line growth, or worse, rendering the organisations' investment in the testing tools worthless.

Our consultants are trained in both off-the-shelf and open source test automation tools. Our approach is to implement data and keyword-driven tests using frameworks derived from years of industry experience across various automation projects and domains.

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Data Migration

Data Migration With proven methodology and process model MayuraTech techniques allows smooth migration of data from the legacy system to the targeted system and ensures continuity in function as intended. Our data migration technique uses a clear process to mitigate risk and maximise the opportunity for project success. This method has been applied by us to deliver migrations of even the most complex data.

Our data migration services include:

  • Analysis of current state
  • Drafting understanding document
  • Data migration design
  • Capacity planning
  • Mapping Sheet and Migration Rule document
  • Testing design
  • Migration development and actual testing
  • Execution handbook
  • Reconciliation report from each stage of migration
  • Impact analysis report

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Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration relates to middleware technologies. The latest EAI technologies involve usage of web services as part of SOA as a means of integration. MayuraTech's EAI service offerings include following integration services:

  • Platform Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Component Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Process Integration